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Terms of Service

  • Eligibility: Any person can create and perform exchange operations on our service. We do not discriminate or have any rejection criteria.
  • Rates and fees: Dynamic rate mode – rates are updated according to cryptocurrency market data fluctuation and should be fixed once payment is received. Fixed rate mode – rates are fixed for 45 minutes after order creation and are subject to update every next 45 minutes if there is no incoming payment present. Additional service fee apply to amounts above 1 BTC using the following scheme: >1 BTC – 0.5%, >2 BTC – 1%, >3 BTC – 1.5%, >4 BTC – 2%, >5 BTC – 2.5%. The additional fee is incremented to the standard service fee.
  • Customer payment: There are no requirements of amount to send, however, in case customer sends an amount that exceeds our minimum or maximum balance to convert, a customer will be eligible for refund which is performed automatically. The information of min/max balance is shown to users prior to creating orders and during operations.
  • Our payment: We will execute a payment to customer once the receiving amount reached sufficient network confirmations and doesn’t exceed our minimum or maximum balance to convert. The information of min/max balance is shown to users prior to creating orders and during operations.
  • Refunds: Refund operations are fully automatic. We don’t charge any fees for refunds and customers are able to select desirable network fee for their refunds (depending on a cryptocurrency network). ERC-20 token refunds are performed by sending a private key of a funding address to a user.
  • Support: Customers should use a contact form on our site to create support tickets. Customers are also given a per-order support chat on each exchange, where they can receive specific information relevant to their exchange operation. Support answer time depends on its current load and shouldn’t exceed 12 hours.
  • Prohibited jurisdictions: None (we are unable to detect customers country anyway because we have IP-logging disabled and none of our software pieces process such information)
  • Privacy policy: We do not collect any metadata from customers. We have IP address logging disabled on all of the following end-points of our service: reverse-proxies, caching servers and backend servers (API). Exchange-related information such as from/to/refund addresses of operations are deleted from our service after 15 days, except when users decide to remove exchange-related information by themselves by pressing a “Delete data” button available within complete exchange operations, immediately making all the exchange operation data unrecoverable and not available for further extraction/querying.This website doesn’t use cookies or any other tracking techniques