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Anonymous & Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

Exchange 741+ crypto instantly, with the best rate and without registration

Cryptocurrency Exchange
No limits – Any amount

We do not have maximum limits, which allows everyone to exchange any amount of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Exchange
Private & Secure – Self-custody

Have full control of holding and managing your digital assets. We do not have access to your funds.


Our service maintains high transaction processing speed: it takes 5 to 30 minutes to process a transaction, depending on the volume of pending requests.

No Sign-up – Incognito

Make an exchange with or without creating a personal account. Registration is optional and entirely up to you.

- Current rate is a median value based on the latest trading data of the following markets: Bisq Price Indices
- Exchange operations are performed automatically and completed within 1 minute (except network confirmation time)
- Calculated amounts include a service fee
- Operations with dynamic rate will have exchange rate fixed after full input confirmation
- Refund address is optional to create an order and can be provided later when needed, however it can't be changed later once provided